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Meridia Beach Hotel wants to offer our guests superior service and quality. We attach great importance to our guests, their loyalty and privacy.

"Meridia Beach Hotel Privacy Statement" is designed to give you information about how we use your personal information through this site or through your written and verbal communications with us or from you about us.

While you are a member of, we may use your personal information, interests to inform you about the innovations and activities on our site and to improve the site in line with your preferences.

Our company requests some personal information (name, e-mail, etc ...) from you through forms on your site in order to provide better service to you users. This information collected in our secure computers (periodical promotions, various campaign studies, special promotions for user profiles in the work of "categorization" of member profiles for the organization of activities and the transmission of unsolicited e-mails).

To share this information with us and to be part of the e-mail address list as a member of will be realized with your request and approval.

All of these things mentioned and the email address that you have provided to be in contact with you must be a valid mailing address.

The information we collect is kept in our database in a reliable manner.

All rights of domain (referred to as "Web Site" for short) EN-EM OTELCİLİK İNŞ.TUR.LTD.ŞTI. (shortly referred to as "EN-EM HOTEL"). EN-EM OTELCİLİK will not disclose to third parties the personal information transmitted by the users in the electronic environment through the Web Site, the recruitment procedure of the human resources department, the contracts made with the members and customers, or the purposes and scope set out in the Administrative Privacy Policy. The personal information collected within the scope of Human Resources activities will only be used and stored in EN-EM HOTEL. The Customer / Applicant claims that the personal information transmitted to the EN-EM HOTEL by the web site of the Applicant is correct. EN-EM OTELCİLİK can not be held responsible for any damage caused by incorrect personal information.

Information gathered on EN-EM OTELCİLİK computers is used only in EN-EM OTELCİLİK in the human resources department for recruitment, periodic campaign studies, customized promotion activities for customer profiles and customer "classification" studies for not sending unsolicited e-mails. If the Customer / Applicant does not wish to be notified of the notifications from the announcements, he / she may stop this activity by sending an e-mail to and / or Personal information can also be used to contact the user when necessary.

EN-EM OTELCİLİK can also link to other sites including the Web Site. EN-EM OTELCİLİK does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the site accessed through the link. EN-EM OTELCİLİK will not disclose information to third parties that are not cooperating with third parties, unless otherwise stated in the Privilege Policy and under the following limited circumstances. These situations are;

a. The Law, the Decree-Law, the Regulation etc. issued by the competent legal authorities and in force. comply with the obligations of the rules of law;

b. Fulfilling the requirements of the contracts of EN-EM OTELCİLİK with its customers and putting them into practice;

c. Request information about users for the purpose of carrying out a procedure or investigation carried out by the competent administrative or judicial authorities;

D. Where information is provided to protect the rights or safety of users.

EN-EM OTELCİLİK shall take all necessary precautions to keep personal and confidential information strictly private and confidential, to regard it as a duty to keep confidentiality and to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to engage in the public domain or any part of the confidential information or to prevent unauthorized use of third party information and to demonstrate the necessary spirit. Although EN-EM OTELCİLİK takes necessary information security measures, EN-EM OTELCİLİK will not be responsible for any damage or loss of confidential information as a result of attacks on Web Sites and system.

EN-EM OTELCİLİK may unilaterally change the provisions of this Privacy Policy by publishing it on the Web Site at any time. The provisions of the Privacy Policy amended by EN-EM OTELCİLİK,